What is 1 way we find jobs while living on the road?

As you may know, we have been living Full-Time in our RV since 2009. When we decided to get rid of our Sticks n’Bricks, we started looking for more “OUT OF THE BOX” ways for us to make the income necessary to live a comfortable RVlifestyle. When we took our 1st camphost job in Tybee Island GA., I was able to do the job while Ed stayed in Iowa for a month to finish up his job then he joined me. This particular job was WORK FOR SITE only which worked great for the season. But after the 1st season there I started a Sales Job that I worked at a physical location during the summer. Once we headed south again, I was able to take that job with and work remotely. But after that year I found that the Sales Job was not something she wanted to do long term. So we began searching for all the options out there. We had NO idea how many different options were out there.

1 of the ways we look for opportunities are by subscribing to a FREE NEWSLETTER at, Workers On Wheels. New postings come right into your email on a weekly basis. There are volunteers positions to fully paid positions so it will fit everyone’s needs. On Workers On Wheels they also have services that allow you to post your resume for employers to see for a very low cost of $5.00 for 30 days OR if your an employer, you can post job openings for as little as $1.00 per day/minimum 30days.

As you would for any job, do your research before you accept the job. And if you are not able to make it to the job for any reason, and you’ve accepted the position, please be courteous and let them know so they can find a replacement.

The summer season has just begun so Ed and I hope as you get started on your new ventures, you have an enjoyable time living on the road, making money and making long lasting friendships.

Dora & Ed

We are back and stronger than ever!

While we had some time off to re-group, we spent a lot of time putting our website and YouTube Channel into the direction we initially had set. To share our experiences & help others live this lifestyle if they choose to. One of the ways we have improved is to dedicate a page on our website for ideas and where you can look for work. We will update the page often so make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter so you will know as soon as we post new information. You DO NOT want to miss out.

Our new page, Make Successful Income While RVing is a huge resource for you. We have put a lot of time into this so others can find ways to start this lifestyle as well. You do not have to be independently wealthy or have you huge pensions. You can do it if you put in the effort to look into some of the options we have listed. We have even included the links on WHERE TO LOOK for the jobs. But keep in mind this lifestyle is NOT for everyone or the different jobs may NOT be for you. We suggest that you do extensive research into each job, employer, requirements of the job and the location.

If you see something we’ve miss or you want us to add based on your needs, please feel free to send us a email at itsagoodliferv@gmail.com

Thanks! Dora & Ed

We Are Getting Excited!

Ed and I are so excited to be coming back with YOU and our RV community.  We have taken a few days off to focus on our channel goals and recoup from a busy work life.  We have some finishing touches yet to complete, but our next video, will be posted on March 27th at 10am central time on our YouTube Channel, It’s A Good Life RV.  Also, check out the changes on our website, www.itsagoodliferv.com.  

As we re-focused our intentions and goals for our channel, we felt that as a YouTuber, we could share our experiences with others so you could share it with others as well.   “You know how these things start. One guy tells another guy something, then he tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on…”

We tend to consider it a given that sharing is a good thing. As kids, we’re taught (and made) to share our toys, our crayons, and our rooms. As we age, our toys and our personal space become larger and more expensive, and we share them less and less, but we still value the idea of sharing. There are lots of ways to share resources as adults, including your knowledge on how to fix your car, how to plan your road trip, prepare food, how we find our jobs, and just our experiences in the RV lifestyle.  The benefits of sharing are many. Sharing can make the world a much better place. 

We are so excited to drive our focus back on how we can show YOU how you too can live, travel and work from your RV. But also for YOU to show US how you are doing it. Our hopes are sharing with you our experiences and knowledge, our hope is that it will create happiness in your life as well. 

How to choose the right 5th wheel hitch…

Considering the issues we recently had towing, we felt this subject should be addressed. Our issue while towing was not the actual hitch in the bed of the truck but we felt it was time to talk about hitches. After doing a ton of research, I hope the information below will help you when choosing your hitch. But always, do you own research as well.

A fifth wheel trailer hooks up to the tow vehicle by fitting a pin into a hitch receiver, then clamping it in place. The receiver mounts so that the pin of the trailer carries the weight forward of the center line of the rear axle. This placement makes fifth wheel trailers stable and allows a fifth wheel trailer to haul more weight than a standard tongue hitch trailer, when you equip the tow vehicle with the correct hitch.

Things to consider to tow a fifth wheel, a pickup truck must be equipped with a fifth wheel hitch. These hitches have their own weight rating known as the Gross Trailer Weight Rating, or GTWR. The hitch you purchase must be able to handle the overall weight of your fifth wheel, including all the equipment and furniture inside it. The hitch must be mounted in such a way that your RV’s pin will end up just an inch away from the center of your truck’s rear axle. The hitch also comes standard with mounting pieces that includes several bolts and brackets that directly connect to the frame of your truck and not to the cargo bed. We have what is called the Puck System. The Puck System is mounted posts that install into the truck bed hard points (pucks). Some brands have their mounting posts in fixed positions on the hitch base. We like this system because it’s very easy to remove the hitch when not in use, so we can have access to the full bed. Plus the hitch comes out in 2 pieces making it easier for Ed and I to remove.

Similar to our puck system hitch

Step 1

Determine the heaviest weight of the trailer being towed. The trailer weight should not exceed its gross vehicle weight rating. You can find the gross weight rating in the trailer’s owner’s manual, or on plate or sticker mounted to the side of the trailer. To calculate the needed hitch size, figure that the trailer will weigh its gross vehicle rated weight when you are towing it.

Step 2

Calculate the hitch weight of the trailer. The owner’s manual may give a dry hitch weight, which is the hitch, or pin weight with an empty trailer. The loaded hitch weight of the trailer can be quite a bit higher. A rule of thumb with a fifth wheel trailer is to figure 20% of the total maximum weight of the trailer for the hitch weight.

Step 3

Decide what type of hitch you need for your tow vehicle. If you have a long bed truck, generally eight feet, you can use a fixed fifth wheel hitch. If you have a shorter bed truck, you will probably want to use a sliding fifth wheel hitch to minimize the risk of damage on sharp turns. The sliding hitch allows the trailer to slide back, and give more room to the front of the truck for tight turns. But do your research because there are hitches out there that makes it a breeze to tow with a short bed.

Select a hitch that is higher in capacity than the gross vehicle weight rating of the trailer. The total hitch rating allows 20% of its rated weight for pin weight. If you know that your trailer has a higher pin weight than this 20% of the total hitch weight rating, then select the next higher weight capacity hitch.

Types of 5th Wheel Hitches

We suggest that you look at each brand and pick one hitch in each brand. Then compare those hitches between each other. At the end of the day they all do a good job and you could spend hours/days reading posts of people’s opinions, getting nowhere. For example: personally we like the Puck System that came with our Ford truck but that may not be the best fit for you.

Choosing a hitch for a 5th wheel trailer is dictated by the kind of truck that will be pulling the trailer. Towing a 5th wheel is made more comfortable with the proper hitch. Each manufacturer has its own system and style, but some basic considerations need to be addressed when choosing the kind of hitch best designed for your situation.

Product Review

Today’s blog post is about Product Reviews. As we grow our YouTube channel several companies have contacted us regarding sponsorships. I will first say we DO NOT promote products that we have not used and we will give honest reviews on the product. The good, bad and the ‘scratching our heads’ thoughts.

I (Dora) wanted to write a post regarding this product because we LOVE IT! When we first spoke with the company about the product, we thought it would be more like a regular headlamp, but we wanted to keep an open mind and try the product out. When we opened the box after receiving the product, we were a bit surprised with the design. Actually it’s pretty cool looking but needed to try it out at dark to see if it cast the light enough to use when signing people in and out of our location. As shown in the pictures below, Ed wears his like any other headlamp but he’s very impressed how much light it puts off. So much easier than trying to find a light source so he can see to write or use the tablet in the dark. Now with Dora wanting to be a bit different, she found a way that she felt good with and not messing up her hair. LOL She puts it around her neck and turns it on. I was a bit surprised but the headlamp works great as a necklamp. LOL So now I will get to the review and details about the product.

Since we are currently Gate Guarding in South Texas, it requires one of us to work during the night hours. Working in the dark without proper lighting can be challenging at best. We do have ‘Shop Lights’ that light up our location but once you are shaded from a vehicle you can not see your tablet or paperwork. So….we’ve been trying to find a solution for some time now. We’ve tried to hold the tablet in one hand and a flashlight in the other. For Dora, being clumsy, the flashlight option did not work. Then we tried a small portable handheld shop light hooked to the tablet. We will say the handheld shop light works great for walking the dogs but no so much at work. Then….. a company contacted us regarding the product listed below. I’ve included pictures so you can see the difference from others.

  • LED Headlamp Flashlight, Wide-Beam USB Rechargeable Head Light with Taillight & 8 Clips Waterproof Lightweight, Headlight Headlamps for Running, Cycling and Camping.
  • With upgraded light source, the led headlamp is brighter than traditional headlamps. And it’s enough to deal all the darkness in your life, providing optimal lighting for any situation, such as hiking, walking, mechanics, etc.
  • The adjustable headlight provides 230°wide area illumination. The design is user-friendly, you needn’t move headlight to illuminate the desired area, suitable for night running and cycling.
  • With built-in lithium battery, no need to change dry batteries again, it is very economic and environment protection. The design of battery indicator remind you charging the lights in time.(Micro USB charging cable included)
  • The headband light has white front headlights and red tail lights, with 3 light modes(high/low/strobe), and the front and tail lights can be turn on at the same time. The on/off button allows you to easily cycle through the 3 light modes.
  • With breathable and sweat absorbable elastic band, this headlamp is comfortable to wear. In the meanwhile, this headlamp comes together with 8 clips, which can be clipped on anywhere for your convenience.

After stating all the product details we wanted to share with you a great Contest Give-Away so you too can get a 2-pk of the headlamps! Keep your eye out on our social media accounts and our website for details!


Dora & Ed

Be Thankful…

Today’s post is about being thankful. As full-time RVers you really need to be prepared with whatever life throws at you. Since our home gets pulled down the bumpy roads Well we try to ‘roll with it’ on every travel day. Well this one was a bit of a shocker and then very thankful for what didn’t happen but also who we found.

Trying to keep our story short I’ll highlight what happened to us during our last travel days. To begin our 1st travel day Ed had noticed that hooking up the RV to the truck things were a bit different but he didn’t put much thought into it because the RV was at a strange angel. We started down the road, actually 4 hours into the trip, and we noticed the clearance between the RV and the truck bed was minimized. We took a lot at the hitch and noticed the hitch had dropped so we unhook the truck and began the fix. We thought.

After spending an hour repositioning the hitch to the original location we headed down the road. Within an hour we arrived at our overnight location and quickly noticed the hitch had fallen again causing clearance issues. That’s when we knew we may have a bigger issue. We got a flashlight out and began looking around and that’s when we found the issue. The hitch on the RV had several cracks and it had began pulling away from the frame of the RV. A bit of panic sat in because we quickly knew we could have lost everything. Then I took a deep breathe and began searching for Mobile Welding Services. As luck would have it, there was a business not far from us, but it was after hours, so we just settled in for the night hoping to get someone out the next day.

Fast forward to the next day, we got the call that someone could be out after their 1st morning appointment. Honestly, we figured they would be an hour to 2 hours later than what the appointment time was set for. So, we did our morning routine and began getting some work done inside the RV while we waited.

Then Ed got the call that they were on the way to us. 2 guys showed up on time, actually early, very professional and knowledgeable . They went right to work and never stopped until the project was done . Beautiful welds great craftsmanship the man is a true professional and takes pride in his work . We would definitely use them again. If you are ever in the area and need some work done please give ARC-PRO PROFESSIONAL WELDING SERVICE LLC. a call and tell them Dora & Ed sent you.

Do Rocks Really Glow?

Yep that is true. It is NOT click bait. We found Glowing Rocks in today’s video!

Yooperlites, as the name suggests, are found in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, specifically along the Lake Superior coast. When looking up what exactly a Yooperlite was, we found that Yooperlites release anger and negative thoughts and helps fight your fears and phobias.

Can you find Yooperlites during the day?

A yooperlite is not just any type of rock; it is the coolest rock you will ever see in your life. During the day, you might stumble into this during one of your metal detecting sessions and think nothing of it. In daylight, they look like thousands of other rocks along the shoreline. But when night falls, with the use of of UV light, that is when you will truly appreciate and admire this piece of “gem”.

How do you hunt for Yooperlites?

From sunset thru the night is the best time to locate Yooperlites. While walking along, hold the light up in a position where you’re not shining it directly down at the beach. Go slow – your eyes will have more time to scan the area if you go slowly.

How does the Holidays look as a Full-Time RVer?

Since the holiday’s are coming up fast, we thought we would touch on this subject. “How do you enjoy the holiday’s in an RV?”
In a previous Blog Post, you need to go read that as well, we share how we deal with by away from our family and how they deal with
Since 2009 when going Full-Time, we’ve missed our share of holidays. So the last couple of years we’ve made a point to be
back in Iowa near our family for Christmas. Fast forward to this year, 2021. Since we wanted to try a new job this year following
our summer gig at Adventureland, we headed north for the Sugar Beet Harvest. We had originally thought that we’d be back in Iowa
by no later than November 1st so we could help our son and his family move into their new home. Well….that timeline did not work
out. But even though the dates were not as planned, the dates allowed us to stay through Thanksgiving even though it still did not
look ‘normal’. Usually we attend Thanksgiving at my sisters but this year she was sick so Ed and I planned our day as if we were
in the south. Ed and I prepared the turkey and all the fixings for us to enjoy. Our kids were sharing their day with the in-laws as it
has been for years. To be honest, Thanksgiving has not been the holiday that I felt we needed to be with family. Now it’s different
when it comes to Christmas. Christmas Eve has always been the day we spent with my grandparents and then my parents continued the
tradition. But once we sold our home, most of our belongings, it has looked different. Not bad different, just different. Instead of
holding the gathering at our ‘sticks n bricks home, we planned to have it at our kids homes. We think it’s great that our kids are
now continuing the tradition.

Now we will share with you how OUR Holiday’s look while living and traveling in a RV. Let’s start with Thanksgiving. Even though
we were at our sons home, moochdocking, the actual day of Thanksgiving Ed and I spent the day together preparing a great feast. Later on
that evening we were able to spend with our son and his family. Then over the weekend we were able to head up to our daughter and her
family’s home to share a meal with them and play with the entire crew of grandchildren. Even though the holiday may not look the same as
it did when living in the ‘sticks n bricks’ home we were able to spend time with our family. That is exactly what the holidays are
supposed to be.

Let’s talk about Christmas this year. Christmas is going to be very different for us. Since we were able to spend 3 additional weeks
in Iowa around the Thanksgiving Holiday, we now need to stay in the south working until we return in the spring. We are thinking May but
we are flexible with our dates. So…. our Christmas will be spent on location at our jobs. Everything in this industry keeps rolling on
regardless of the date or time of the year. So we expect things to do that and we will do our best to FaceTime or video call our kids,
grandkids and all our other family members. Share a meal with ourselves and maybe exchange gifts with each other. Then….once we return
to Iowa in the spring, we will do something special with our family. We are thinking instead of exchanging gifts with our kids &
grandkids, maybe we can share an experience with them. Heck maybe take them to a movie, to the zoo or rent a hotel room with a great
waterpark to play with them. Experiences with your family members will be remembered. Not so much the ‘stuff’.

Once again our holiday’s may ‘look’ different since we went Full-Time but what’s important is spending time with your family. Doesn’t
necessarily mean you have to be at a ‘sticks n bricks’ home or on the actual holiday date to share the holiday’s with your family. Now
if the holiday DATE is important to you, plan your RV travels around it. Heck if your family is living in different locations, split your
time by traveling to each members home. If you plan, you can make anything work.

Happy Holidays!

Dora, Ed, Mason & Missy