The Show Was Amazing!

Now that the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show is over, Ed and I start to reflect on what we learned, assessing our knowledge, abilities, and performance during the RV Show. We feel in order to improve ourselves and It’s A Good Life RV, we need to take time and go over all the conversations and experiences we had. As we listened to people at the show, it really lit a fire under our booty’s to do better. To do better as a person. To do better as a content creator. To do better at using our platform for good. Over the next few weeks we hope to share with you what are plans are moving forward.

But, of course our goal for attending the Show was to represent J&G Security in the best way possible, but our personal goal was to showcase a GREAT company that offers great jobs. Gate Guarding is probably the best way we found to make the funds necessary to not only pay our monthly bills but to increase our savings so we can travel more than we ever thought we could. How great would it be to work 6 months to travel 6 months out of the year? If you don’t have the extra travel funds right now this may be a great opportunity for you to get on the road. OR are you wanting to upgrade your rig and it would be nice to have the extra money to pay it off sooner? OR do you just want the extra money as a cushion because you are planning a big trip that you could use more disposable income? If you answered yes to one or all of the above questions, I’d look into Gate Guarding.

We have a playlist. Gate Guarding, on our It’s A Good Life RV YouTube Channel to give you an inside look. We are very open and transparent about the job, what it takes to do the job. Our most current videos are gates that we are working with J&G Security. To be honest, Ed and I can’t understand why it took us so long to sign with J&G. The company is one that really cares for their staff and guards. They really set you up for success.

If you have any questions for Ed or I about Gate Guarding or other jobs we’ve done while living on the road please feel free to contact us at OR J&G Security questions please contact Jessica at

Thanks! Dora & Ed

Come Meet Us!

If you plan on attending the 2023 Quartzsite RV Show January 21st-29th, stop by the J&G Security Booth 533 in the big tent. Ed and I will be at the booth Jan.21-Jan.28th 9am-5pm and January 29th from 9am-3pm. Come say hello to us, enter into our Giveaway Contest, learn more about working as a Gate Guard with J&G Security and other ways we make income while living the RVlife.

See you there!

Dora & Ed

In The News!

This is not our regular day to post on our blog but we felt after receiving this news, we should get this out to you incase you are traveling over the Holidays.

Since we use the Open Roads/TSD Discount Fuel Card, we received a email from them yesterday stating that; effective January 1st, they will no longer allow transactions of any type at Pilot, Flying J or One9 locations. They were not able to renew their partnership but they still have great discount locations for diesel fuel. If you don’t have their diesel discount card, we’d suggest looking into it. It does not cost for the card. You link your payment account to the card and your able to take advantage of the fuel discounts AND you can pump right from the truck lanes. Check out their website at:

RV Hacks That Will Make You A Happy Camper

RV Camping is a great experience. It gives you the ability to drive down the road, see the sites, and spend time with the ones you love. Here are a few RV hacks that will make your trip easier.

DIY Travel Cup RV Hack
It never fails, something gets spilled. An easy way to minimize the disaster area is Press ‘n Seal Wrap. It works with most cups and saves many headaches.

Command Hook Curtains
Need a temporary curtain to create separation in your RV, don’t want to drill holes into the frame, or simply want a super-easy way to hang curtains. Use command hooks to hold up your curtain rod!

DIY Tank Cleaner
Toilets are always dreaded to clean, especially RV ones. An easy fix is a cup of Borax detergent and 1/2 cup of Calgon Water Softener. The Borax helps control odor and the water softener prevents waste from sticking to the walls of the waste tank. Be nice to your RV bathroom and keep your tank clean.

Dry Erase Board Use
Dry erase boards come in handy for many uses but they can help with safety concerns as well. Keep one in the RV to write down the name of the campground, address, spot number, phone number of the campground, and any other useful information about the site you may want to be nearby in case of an accident or emergency.

Collapsible Garbage Can
RV’s are low on storage, a large trashcan is difficult to travel with. However, using a collapsible laundry basket makes a perfect impromptu trash can that stores away easily.

Bubble Wrap Insulation
For those chilly winter months a campfire is great but inside your RV is a different story! An easy temporary solution is Bubble Wrap insulation.

Line the Shelves with Non-Slip Liner
Be sure to line all of your shelves with non-slip liner. It will keep your cabinets from becoming a dishware graveyard on those bumpy road trips.

Place a Foam Noodle Over Awning Brace or Slide Corners
An inexpensive easy solution for no more bumped heads as you walk around the RV.

Easy Washing Station
Create an easy washing station, all you need is a bar of soap placed in a leg of pantyhose and tied around a water spigot. It will make cleaning up more convenient and your RV much cleaner.

Leave in the comments what your tips are. We would love to share them with the community.

Thank You! Dora & Ed, It’s A Good Life RV

How Full-Time RVers Celebrate the Holidays

As we are coming close to Christmas, we felt this may be something you that are needing. Are you spending Christmas in your RV? Will you be with family or friends? Or will this be your first year alone with your significant other?

Every family has favorite holiday traditions. Christmas isn’t the same when you’re full-time living in your RV. But this doesn’t mean the holidays can’t be awesome. An amazing part of Christmas is the decorating – especially when it comes to picking out a tree. You could go the artificial route and find a fake, yet still beautiful tree that can fit the dimensions of your RV.

Our 1st Christmas Tree

One of the best parts of Christmas for me and my family has always been decorating. While it’s a small space, we still have fun decorating both the interior and exterior of our RV. You can do the same!

Decorated with 2 trees while Gate Guarding

Deck out the exterior with lights and a wreath
Place mini Christmas trees inside
Hang your stockings wherever they fit
Decorate your campsite
Warm up your RV by baking holiday treats
Keep the decorating simple. Have fun and find new ways to keep the spirit glowing. A great part of spending Christmas in the RV is your ability to enjoy the simplicity of holidays for that year. You don’t need to get extravagant with the decorations.

Decorated our site while at Tybee Island GA

If you’re feeling the holiday blues, here’s how to see the season in a different way. Celebrating the holidays in your RV is an opportunity to create even better memories and make new traditions! One of the greatest things about camping out is that you can meet all kinds of people from all over the country. So, why not take advantage of that? On Christmas Day, get together with some of the other people camping out at the RV Park and host your very own RVing holidays Christmas dinner!

Tybee Island RV Park Christmas Party

Travel to new destinations with winter weather you enjoy. Prepare your holiday meal for yourself and/or friends.
Get to know new people and their Christmas traditions.
Eat out at new places and learn local holiday food customs.

Just try to keep in mind, the best thing about spending your holiday in an RV is the complete mobility you have. You can go and do whatever you want, wherever you want!

Merry Christmas! Dora & Ed, It’s A Good Life RV

Daily Videos

As Ed and I continue to grow our YouTube channel, we want to share with you daily videos on various subjects such as our RVlife, Destinations & Experiences, Making Money To Make Memories, Gate Guarding, Modifications & Remodeling RVs. We’ve listed a couple that have already been posted but we have many, many, many more to come. Don’t miss out because we have so much information for you. AND make sure to share with your friends!

Thank You!

Dora, Ed, Mason & Missy