So Overwhelming & Frustrating

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During these past 2 weeks we’ve been pushed to our limits. We have overwhelmed and frustrated and just stressed is an understatement. To be honest with you, we thought about displaying the ‘white flag’ and just give up. How much do you invest in a vehicle before it doesn’t make financial sense anymore? Do you purchase a new? Then what would be payments be? And yes, that new vehicle will have issues as well.

In today’s video we show you how we’ve been handling our truck issues and hopefully you can learn a few things from our mistakes.

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Dora & Ed

Is It Worth It?

There are many reasons why you should make the change to the Full-Time RV life. You can enjoy a lower cost of living, sense of freedom, and it can be a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

We’ve been living in a 250-square-feet renovated Montana Mountaineer 5th wheel for the past 15 years. Although we love living full-time in our RV – I’m writing this from inside our RV right now – the RV lifestyle isn’t always glamorous. There are several things we dislike and even hate about the lifestyle.

When you live in a tiny home on wheels, things tend to break often because you’re moving around a lot from location to location. Expect to learn some basic woodworking, electrical, plumbing and mechanical skills. If this is something you’re not up for, then you may want to reconsider full-time RV living.

Living in a small space with someone else means you’re living in a small space with someone else! With not much room to move about, it can get a little annoying because you’re constantly bumping into each other. Finding personal space can become an issue. With such a small living area it’s hard to find privacy. You also have to see each other all of the time, which can create more conflict.

If you want to live the RV lifestyle, know that you’re going to be putting a lot more wear and tear on your vehicle. When you’re towing an RV that weighs thousands of pounds, you have to inevitably change the oil and tires more frequently. You’ll also be putting on more miles than the average car owner. This means more repairs more frequently.

Small spaces get dirtier quicker as there’s less room for dirt and dust to move around. Since you don’t want to live in that filth, you’re constantly cleaning. Moreover, an untidy RV just looks cluttered. But on the flip side, it takes much less time to clean your home living in a RV.

When you’re on the road, finding experts who specialize in RV repairs can be challenging. As the RV industry grows, it harder and harder to find qualified people to work on your RV in a timely fashion. And, one that would deplete your bank account. So if you plan on traveling in a RV full-time or weekends, you need to get familiar with all the systems in your RV.

If you plan on living full-time in your RV in cooler climates, then you’re going to have to ‘winterize’ your RV. Skirting your RV so the air doesn’t go under your RV is a must so your pipes will not freeze and burst. We successfully spent one winter in our RV in the Midwest and stayed warm without issues. But, it was not easy nor comfortable.

Mold and mildew are not uncommon issues to encounter with an RV. We often run our dehumidifier or portable air conditioner to dry out the inside of our Montana. Even so, our humidity can still spike, especially if we’re cooking or taking a hot shower.

Depending on your driving skills and comfort level, towing an RV or Montana can be a stressful experience. You can feel the sway, especially on very windy days! But, for the most part, towing our Montana is easy to do as long as you remain focused on the other drivers around you.

If you’re not boondocking or have free places to park, camping fees can add up and get expensive. This is especially true if you’re traveling during the high season or staying for less than a week in the same place. The only time you find real deals at RV resorts or campgrounds is if you commit to spending long-term there.

If you like to have a lot of stuff, full-time RV living isn’t for you. When you live in a small space, downsizing your life is a must. If you have too much, your space will become cluttered. The last thing you want is to end up on an episode of Hoarders.

Every kind of lifestyle comes with ups and downs. Social media & YouTube makes it easy to glamorize living in an RV, Montana or van. But we will be real with you. It’s not always easy living this way. It’s important to know all of the struggles you may face before jumping in. We must say though, even with all the struggles, we love this lifestyle and are so happy we chose to live this way.

We hope our honest insights into full-time RV living gives you a realistic perspective of what it’s really like to live & travel in a small space.

Thanks! Dora & Ed

The Iowa State Fair 2022

Iowa State Fair 2022

The Iowa State Fair ran from August 11th to August 21st this year. The Fair is the single largest event in the state of Iowa and one of the oldest and largest agricultural and industrial expositions in the country. Yearly it attracts more than a million people from all over the world, the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines is Iowa’s great celebration. For 11 days in August, the fair has livestock shows, talent shows, wood carvings, rides and entertainment.

This year some of the highlights included; Brooks & Dunn with a special guest Alex Miller, Kane Brown with special guest Jessie James Decker, Carrie Underwood with Adam Sanders, Nelly, Alanis Morissette, Disturbed, Keith Urban and many more.

Food in general at the Fair is popular, you compete for the coveted title of Peoples Choice and Best New Food. The finisher and OMG Chicken Sandwich recorded a record number of votes and when the votes were in, The Finisher was voted to be the winner.

And….here are the numbers. 1,118,763 total fair attendance. 15,047 attended the Brooks & Dunn concert. 7,300 pounds of food was donated by the vendors to the Food Bank of Iowa. Record one day attendance was set Saturday, August 20th, of course the day we attended, of 128,298 people through the gate. The world record for largest cornhole tournament participates at 730.

Ed and I sure had a great time and we think you would as well. We can’t wait until the Fair of 2023.

Check out todays video by clicking here or click on the picture of Ed & I in front of one of the amazing murals.

So Much Came Out of This!

Today’s video is a mixed bag of things. As we all know, life can throw curve balls at you so you need to react. The RVlife is no different. Our truck issues, we hope, are resolved by simply changing out our fuel filters. And keep in mind, Ed just had changed them. But our mechanic reminded us that products can have defects. We took the plunge and drove our truck to pick out a new couch and we are happy to say; we made it home with a new couch!

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YOU can Live, Travel and Work from your RV too!

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We are so excited to be back with YOU. Ed and I have taken a few days off to focus on the channel. As we re-focused our intentions and goals for our channel, we felt that as a YouTuber, we could share our experiences with others so you could share it with others as well.   “You know how these things start. One guy tells another guy something, then he tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on…” We are so excited to drive our focus back on how we can show YOU how you too can live, travel and work from your RV. But also for YOU to show US how you are doing it. Our hopes are sharing with you our experiences and knowledge, our hope is that it will create happiness in your life as well. Click on the video to be directed to our YouTube Channel video.

Our Truck Went Into Self-Preservation Mode

One thing we’ve learned over the years as full-time RVers is things really are not much different than if we were living in a sticks n’ bricks home. There are things that break in our RV home like a regular home but then we throw vehicles into the mix. Regardless if you plan to move around you need a vehicle. And unfortunately regardless if you do preventative maintenance on our vehicles or not, things will break. Its all how you choose to deal with them. Try to roll with it. But to be honest, many times it comes with a bit of a melt down first, then we try to focus on the task.

Watch todays video to find out what went wrong. Click here or the picture above and the link will take you to the video.

Gate Guarding While Doing a RV Remodel

While we are gate guarding it sure can be a time to make good money but also get some projects completed on our RV. As we Gate Guarding while a rig was on site, we have some down time so we can get some more of OUR projects done with the RV. But…as the drilling rig moves out and as coil tubing moves in, our spare time is quickly coming to an end. Make sure you go back and check out this video. Click on the picture and it will direct you to our video on our YouTube Video.

It’s Tougher Than We Thought

On Sunday, June 5th we posted a new video about our summer workamping gig and how Dora is trying deal with co-workers that don’t share the same work ethic. It has been a huge challenge and at some point you figure out how to deal with them and continue the job OR when do you “tap out?’ How do you deal with rude or bully coworkers? Learning how to deal with difficult coworkers in a constructive way can help you navigate tricky situations while creating a positive work environment. 

Lead by example. Lets say this can be an inner battle in itself. But, when dealing with a difficult coworker, start by looking itno your own behavior. Consider whether you’ve been communicating adequately. You may not be required to make a change, but try to objectively evaluate your role in the conflict—if any. If possible, consult a neutral party (preferably, not another coworker) who can objectively assess the situation.

Confront the situation clearly and respectfully. When confronting a difficult coworker, it’s best to focus on your feelings rather than the other person’s actions. For example, instead of saying, “You always interrupt me when I’m speaking,” try saying, “I feel dismissed when I am not able to finish sharing my thoughts.”

We (I) need to learn how to manage different personalities. Sometimes, avoiding conflict in the workplace boils down to knowing how to manage different personality types. One coworker might require ample social interaction to feel engaged, while another might prefer to keep their work life and personal life separate. Learning and accepting how other team members operate can help set you up for a successful workamping gig.

Refrain from engaging in office gossip. Gossip is part of a toxic work culture. When coworkers engage in gossip on a daily basis, it can exacerbate employee insecurities and damage the self-esteem of your coworkers. Refusing to engage in office gossip can help improve your working relationships as your coworkers will know you’re a safe individual with whom they can place their trust.

Maintain a focus on your own work. This is super hard for me because our current gig is what I would think should be a ‘team player’ position. There are many types of difficult coworkers, but one of the most common is a person who’s constantly distracting you from getting actual work done. They may want to discuss personal issues, take frequent breaks, or ask you for too many favors such as doing their assigned tasks. Be direct with a coworker like this. Try stating, “I’m sorry, but I have a lot of work to do and I really don’t have time.”

The next step would be to talk with a manager about the issue. If a coworker’s behavior is making you feel uncomfortable, and you’ve done everything in your power to reconcile the situation, consider bringing it to your supervisor. If all else fails, talk to your human resources department. Because if a coworker is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, document these instances to the best of your ability and speak with an HR professional.

Since our video posted Dora has made a few changes at work. We will update you in an upcoming video and blog post. Major changes are coming.

Living the RVlife Has Its Ups and Downs.

On todays video we finish up our RV Slide Repair. AND Ed makes sure that we do not have another ‘shocking’ experience.

We will say; we learned a lot of what NOT to do, but also learned what we should do to make our floor repairs to last for years to come. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts and what you would have done.

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