Is The The End? Living in a RV during the Arctic Blast

The arctic blast in Texas this February was very dangerous with treacherous road conditions, power outages, no running water and LP & gas shortages. Yes we were uncomfortable, grouchy and just not happy to be without running water for 6 days , we also realize that thousands of people in Texas are enduring much much worse situations.

The brutal temperatures, ice and snow caused millions of people in Texas to lose power. When the power grid failed, it affected water treatment plants. As temperature begin to rise, people are facing frozen pipes and are concerned even more pipes will as they thaw. The State of Texas announced that they will be working to renew plumbers licenses, and the plumbing board is coordinating with out-of-state companies to bring more to Texas to help with the recovery.

Sadly, dozens of deaths have been tied to this week’s storm, but many say the death toll is likely far larger. Deaths were traffic related, people trying to stay warm in their homes and succumbed to carbon dioxide poisoning or hypothermia.

Lets all take a minute and pray for everyone that has been affected by these horrible storms.

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