Frozen RVlife – The Great Thaw – Sanitize Your RV Freshwater

The last few days have been exceedingly difficult living in a RV during freezing temps.  However, we made it out much better than we originally thought.  No broken lines, pumps or holding tanks.  We are such happy campers.

After the great thaw in our RVlife, we found a stinky issue.  Our cold water coming into our kitchen faucet smelled like sewage.  Even though we previously had sanitized our system, we must not have allowed the solution to set in our lines nearly long enough.  Today we go to the extreme to clean our water system.  We suggest that you properly sanitize your system BEFORE you have issues like ours.

With our mobile lifestyle, we are cutting our video short today.  Next week’s video we will catch you up on our change of scenery and what we have instore. 

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