5 of The Best RV Accessories

With our RVing experience, we felt that these RV accessories are great products to add to your list.

Some RVers are driven to the open road by minimalism, carrying only what can be fit in their modest Class B or C recreational vehicle. Other RVers expect a RV to be as luxurious as a home built on a concrete foundation. Their glamped-up fifth wheels and tour-bus-like Class A’s are rolling mini-mansions, furnished with top-of-the-line accessories. Curious what products they deem worthy of schlepping across the country, we asked seasoned RVers to highlight the goods they never leave home without.

The most comfortable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

A good camping chair will not only keep you out of the dirt and sand.  It needs to be comfortable to sit in, light to carry, and easy to stow away. Lara and Jack appreciate that this foldable chair comes with a storage bag for easy transport. But what really makes it stand out is the built-in lumbar support. “You have to sit in one to appreciate the difference.” 

The most comfortable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

The zero-gravity recliner is wildly popular with the RVer. Dena F says it’s “effectively a folding lounge chair, but much more comfortable.” Karen M agrees, admitting it is the only lounger she’s ever fallen asleep in. Melody & Roger, also big fans, prefer their zero-gravity chairs with side caddies — ideal for holding drinks and cell phones.

The best portable fire pit

Dreaming about the notion of a gas fire? When you travel full time, “you get sick of the campfire smell always sticking to your clothes and hair,” says David E. “A propane fire allows you to quickly start a fire, enjoy it, then turn it off and head inside.” He said it was their all-time best purchase because RVers need not worry about fire bans in campgrounds or purchasing local wood. He also likes how it fits under his rig and runs on a basic propane tank.

The best trash receptacle

Ed and I recommend this collapsible recycling/trash bin because it stakes to the ground and it easily collapses and stores away. Plus if something gets spilled in it, it can easily be sprayed out with a garden hose. Just don’t leave it outside for the animals roaming around at night.

The Best Toilet paper for RVs.  Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

RVs generally use a specific type of toilet paper made for holding tanks. This brand dissolves rapidly and does not get caught up in the drain valves OR create that dreaded poop pyramid. Other brands feel like football-stadium quality; this is the softest and most comfortable.

NOTE: Some of the links/codes on this page are Amazon affiliate links, which means if you chose to make a purchase using our links, It’s a Good Life with Dora & Ed earns a small commission.  This commission comes at no additional cost to you, but helps us keep providing the content we love to share.  We recommend these products because we have found them to be helpful and useful, not because of the commissions we make. Every product we recommend, we use ourselves.

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