Why Is RVing More Popular Than Ever?

RVing can help you live more simply. Owning things is a huge part of the American Dream. Part of the blueprint involves buying a home so you can then buy stuff to put in your home. Some of the stuff is useful and some — probably more than you realize — is useless. In fact, instead of owning your material things, your material things start to own you. My husband and I felt that way as we started to purge our belongings. It’s amazing how you can fill an entire garage (and then some) with objects you never use!

Our whole lives the world has told us we needed more. More money, more house, more cars, more toys to be happy and successful. But what if the world was wrong? What if actually having less gave you more? More time, more memories, more life, more freedom. People are discovering the RV lifestyle to be the vessel to achieve this goal. A life of simplicity and adventure worth living! Not everyone is going to leave everything behind to live a different American Dream, and not everyone has to. For some owning an RV is the American Dream. It’s different for everyone, but there’s something about being on the open road in an RV that inspires universal feelings of freedom.

RVs support an active and balanced lifestyle. Many people are searching for a more fulfilling life — and quite a few are finding that RVing is the answer. Many people are seeking ways to unwind and unplug more often. Since we’ve been traveling, we’ve created stronger bonds and friendships that felt more healthy and everlasting. RV owners have said that RV travel enables them to experience nature and outdoor activities and enjoy more quality family time. Many reference stronger family bonds, healthier eating and comforts like sleeping in their own beds as benefits of RV travel. The RV life just make sense that people who spend time outdoors, cook at home and spend quality time with their families would be drawn to this type of travel. Since we’ve been RVing we’ve visited more beautiful destinations than when living in a sticks & bricks home. This kind of freedom is addicting and we can see why it has attracted so many adventure seekers.

RVing communities bring RVers together. If you talk to someone who’s been RVing for a really long time, say twenty or more years, they talk about how isolating the experience was back then. Without internet or Facebook groups, it was pretty challenging to have spontaneous meetups. Unless you planned well in advance with friends and family, you might not see another RVer outside of an RV park. Now there are whole communities of RVers that are an instant message away. These are communities of like-minded people who love the travel lifestyle and understand the unique experiences that RVing offers.

The RV movement is expected to grow. What really strikes me about the RV movement is how RVing truly appeals to all ages. It’s not only for retirees or hardcore outdoor adventurers. Since COVID 2020, I feel people are looking at their lifestyles a bit different. RVing is not just for travel. It’s a lifestyle.

I hope this blog inspires you to be part of the RV movement. Maybe you’re already rushing out the door now to go check out RVs for sale or for rent. The RV movement is a huge opportunity for savvy RV owners. If you don’t live in yours full time, consider renting your RV, camper or trailer to someone looking to experience the joys of the open road! Hope to see you on the road!

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