RV Surge Protectors.

Do you really need a surge protector for my RV? Yes, you do need a surge protector for you RV. There are numerous electrical threats such as low voltage issues and power surges that can cause damage to your RVs electrical systems. Purchasing a surge protector for your RV is one of the smartest investments that you can make immediately after buying it. Surge protectors protect your RV from shore power problems at the pedestal and shut down if power supply is dangerously low or high. Considering that RV surge protectors can save your RV from electrical problems and even fires, it’s a small price to pay.

When it comes to electricity in your RV, you may have many questions and concerns. One of the questions we get from our subscribers is, “Do we really need a surge guard?” In my opinion, yes, you do. There is a wide variety of things that can cause electrical surges. The damage that these surges can cause to all of your appliances and electronics is well worth the investment.

What Causes Surges
Electrical surges can be caused by many things. Most common for RVers are fluctuations in the voltage when plugged into the campground’s electrical stations. Most RV parks voltage runs anywhere from 114 volts to 126 volts. Considering that most of our electronics preform optimally at 120 volts, these fluctuations can cause issues. As crazy as it may sound, lightening can also cause extreme voltage changes. This surge of power can cause all of your electronics to go haywire. There are two different types of surge guards you can keep your electronics safe.

Plug-In Surge Guard
The plug in style of surge guard is easy to use and takes no time to install. You simply use a 30 amp surge guard if you have a 30 amp system. Plug your shore cord into the surge guard and plug the surge guard into the power source. If you have a 50 amp system, you would just use a 50 amp surge guard the same way. The benefits of the plug in is that it is easy to use and can be removed if you like. The drawback is that unless you purchase a lock, the surge guard is easily removed by a thief.

Hardwired EMS System
This type of surge guard is called an EMS System. EMS stands for energy management system; this unit will need to be installed by a professional. It is a little more expensive than the other surge guard but it is the best system around to protect the things we have all become so unable to live without. I, for one, would not be a happy camper if my laptop stopped working. All my photos, my music, my videos…TRAGIC!

So again, if you ask me, I would say yes. You definitely need some type of surge guard. Many people would tell you that they have gone all over the country in their RV and have never had any trouble. Which I am sure is completely true, but we are bringing this to your attention so you don’t show up at a RV Repair Shops with all our your TVs, Stereo, DVD players, and microwave all dead… This could sure bring your RVlife to a screeching halt. The money that you will spend ensuring that the electrical voltage is perfect will be a lot less than replacing all the electronics in your RV. Not to mention that laptop thing again, but losing your laptop…AWFUL! Happy Camping!

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