Looking for RV Tips?

Your probably looking forward to your RV trip. All the freedom, convenience, and comfort in traveling in an RV are truly worth anticipating. But before all the excitement sets in, there are plenty of things you need to consider so you can have the best RV experience possible. 

Traveling in an RV can be a bit much for first-timers, and you could miss out on many important details. While it’s understandable for beginners to make mistakes, and to be honest even people that have been RVing for years make mistakes. Don’t let mistakes ruin your entire RV trip. Try to learn from them and move forward. The good news is you can learn from the mistakes and experiences of others. We are the first ones to admit we’ve made our share of mistakes since we starting Full-Time RVing in 2009.

Tip 1: Find the right RV for you. What fits in your budget and how you want to use the RV. You’d be amazed on all the different features from motorhomes to travel trailers and camper vans. But while it’s easy to get caught up on the RV’s interior and amenities, your choice may impact your RV experience. Besides the luxurious features, many get carried away with the idea of traveling in an RV. As a result, they rush into it and get the first one they come across without realizing their needs. Choosing the wrong RV for your travel can cause frustration and setback along the way. You must have realistic expectations of what you want to achieve in your trip. However, it is hard to know what you want/need until you travel in it.

Tip 2: Plan your route. Traveling in an RV takes a more planning than if you were traveling in a regular vehicle. Having the freedom to go whenever and wherever you want is one of the perks when traveling in an RV. But that doesn’t mean to hit the road without a planned route. It may sound exciting to just go as you please, you may find it not enjoyable in the end. You may run into road closures, construction zones OR on a route that you should not have your RV on. (Example: We ended up on a dead-end road in a housing division. Ed had to back all the way out.) Just do a little planning before you head out and I guarantee your trip will go much smoother.

Tip 3: Packing Less. As you start out on our new journey its typical to pack more than what you really need. Compared to regular cars, RVs are much bigger, and you might be tempted to bring as much stuff as possible to make the road feel like home. But overpacking is the enemy of most RVers. Besides making your space cramped and cluttered, it can add more weight to your RV and may cause issues down the road.

However, packing lighter may make your RV feel better, but it may make your RV experience a bit short. Make sure that you pack your essentials but also a few items that will make you comfortable. Maybe it’s a blanket you love to snuggle with OR that favorite shirt. It’s vital to pack the right amount of things when traveling in an RV. When traveling in an RV, try to be minimalist as much as possible but be mindful of the essentials.

Tip 4: Make Reservations. Spontaneity can be part of the thrill while traveling in an RV. But it might not be the best way to start our traveling when you pull into a campground and they are fully booked. Many RV parks fill up early, especially during peak season. If you don’t want to get stressed out figuring out where are overnight stops are plan ahead. Book those RV sites days, weeks or months ahead. OR if you are not picky, you can always find a spot in a parking lot, rest stop or truck stop to spend the night.

Tip 5: Maintain your RV. Whether you’re using a used or new RV, it is a MUST Do to check if it’s safe to travel. The size and weight of your RV can create problems on the road without proper preparation and maintenance. One of the most critical parts of an RV that should be at the top of your mind is the tires. Remember that bad tread or aged tires can cause blowouts, which is dangerous for your RV and surrounding vehicles. Before you get behind the wheel to hit the road to a through walk around.

Tip 5: There is NO Perfect Trip. There is no perfect way to travel. Anyone can and will make mistakes along the road, no matter how experience you are, things happen. It is all how you handle the situation and move forward. But keep in mind, planning for your RV trip can minimize the hassle and risks on the road. AND Don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

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