We Are Getting Excited!

Ed and I are so excited to be coming back with YOU and our RV community.  We have taken a few days off to focus on our channel goals and recoup from a busy work life.  We have some finishing touches yet to complete, but our next video, will be posted on March 27th at 10am central time on our YouTube Channel, It’s A Good Life RV.  Also, check out the changes on our website, www.itsagoodliferv.com.  

As we re-focused our intentions and goals for our channel, we felt that as a YouTuber, we could share our experiences with others so you could share it with others as well.   “You know how these things start. One guy tells another guy something, then he tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on…”

We tend to consider it a given that sharing is a good thing. As kids, we’re taught (and made) to share our toys, our crayons, and our rooms. As we age, our toys and our personal space become larger and more expensive, and we share them less and less, but we still value the idea of sharing. There are lots of ways to share resources as adults, including your knowledge on how to fix your car, how to plan your road trip, prepare food, how we find our jobs, and just our experiences in the RV lifestyle.  The benefits of sharing are many. Sharing can make the world a much better place. 

We are so excited to drive our focus back on how we can show YOU how you too can live, travel and work from your RV. But also for YOU to show US how you are doing it. Our hopes are sharing with you our experiences and knowledge, our hope is that it will create happiness in your life as well. 

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