Choosing a Towable RV or Motorized?


In todays blog, I will go over the initial costs of your RV purchase because it is certainly lower than buying a sticks & bricks home. On average RVs can cost between $10,000 to $300,000 or more depending on the style, brand and features. On the lower end for a RV being towed behind a truck, it may cost $20,000. The lower end for a 5th wheel may cost $40,000. And most motorized RVs start around $100,000. Just keep in mind, if you choose a towable RV, you need to consider the cost of your tow vehicle. The average price for pick up trucks range from $42,000 to $90,000 OR above. Again it all depends on your preferences. So…lets say you purchase a mid-range RV & Truck spending $100,000. If you were to purchase a motorized RV spending $100.000. Would you also need to purchase a toad? (A vehicle to pull behind your motorized RV) If so, lets add on another $40,000. So your total purchase price would be $140.000. Many people choose to RV this way and that’s great if this is your choose this. But, the way I tend to look at things is now you have 2 motors etc. to maintain. So if you choose a towable RV and a truck, you will only have one motor to maintain. But….. what ever you choose for YOU to get out there, DO IT!

As always please do your research. Do not depend on a sales person to know all the towing capacity details about your potential new tow vehicle or motorized RV. A great resource for these details is Do the calculations BEFORE you purchase. Now get prepared to look at what fits in your budget and what you can safely tow OR drive.

Another thing you need to consider & research on is how or what company will you be using to insure your RV, Tow vehicle or Motorhome? When I was researching for this post, I found the Top 5 RV Insurance Providers. Good Sam, Roamy, National General, and Progressive. Whether you use your RV as a full-time home or for occasional road trips, insurance is a must. To help determine which company is best for your needs, you can check with you current insurance first and compare policies. Please keep in mind when shopping, several insurance carriers will not write the policy IF you are living in your Rv. Please please do not ever hide your situation from your carrier. If at some point you have an accident, and they find our you are hiding your living situation from them, they can & will deny your claim.

Are you going back and forth between a towable and a motorized RV? Both have their pros and cons, and it all comes down to your lifestyle, your plans and your budget. If you’re not exactly sure what you will be using your RV for or how you plan to live or travel in it, slow down your purchase process. Taking your time will ensure you make smart decisions.

The RV lifestyle is booming. But is the current time a good time to buy? You are the only person that can answer that. But don’t wait too long. Be a savvy shopper and go for it!

Check out one of our recent videos, as we discuss some of the costs associated with RVliving.

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