What RV Is Right For You?

Being nomadic sounds great doesn’t it? For the most part, it can be. However, do your research before you take the leap. You will want to research the differences between types of RVs. Do you know there’s a difference between the different types of RVs? RV stands for recreational vehicle, so in itself, it isn’t a single vehicle. It is a category of vehicle just like an SUV is.

Let’s get into the main categories of RVs so you can get an idea for what you’d like.

A motorhome is a motorized RV that has living accommodations. There are different classes:

Class A: The Class A motorhome resembles a bus and features a larger living area
Class B: Smaller and more agile; also known as sleeper or camper vans
Class C: More fuel-efficient and comfortable to drive than Class A, but also more modest

Towable Trailers are RVs that require a tow vehicle to get from Point A to Point B. The different types of trailers include:

Pop-up or foldable trailers: compact, but need to be physically folded before they’re usable
Travel trailers: wide range of towables ranging in size
5th wheel and/or Toy haulers: these can be the largest towable RVs on the market, heaviest, require a specific type of in-bed truck tow hitch. And toy haulers feature a “garage” so you can haul a large “toy” like an ATV, golf cart or small car

Buying an RV can be a thrill, but not when you don’t really know which type of model will work for you. Using the information above, go to your local RV dealer and tour all the different types. Take notes OR video record each RV that may interest you. Before you enter the RV, at the door most RVs have their information on a sticker. Take a picture of the sticker and then start recording. This should help you keep each RV video organized so when you go to view the videos you don’t get confused. Once your in the RV, don’t rush. Set down and look around. Is this a space you can comfortably use while camping or living in? Weird tip but necessary… go set on the toilet, with the lid down of course, and see if there is enough leg room. Stand in the shower and pretend your washing your hair. Is there enough room or do you hit your arms on the shower walls? One of the things we overlooked at first was closets! Where do you hang your clothes? Where do you put your underwear? We found ourselves looking at the cosmetic things within a RV and then when watching our videos realized there was not a closet to hold our clothes. Bottom line, take your time. Don’t get overly excited and rush through things. Don’t do it. Take your time. Buying a RV is a expensive investment and you don’t want to make a mistake a purchase a RV that will not function for your needs. Do you have tips for us or our other viewers? Leave your comment below.


Dora & Ed

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