The Show Was Amazing!

Now that the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show is over, Ed and I start to reflect on what we learned, assessing our knowledge, abilities, and performance during the RV Show. We feel in order to improve ourselves and It’s A Good Life RV, we need to take time and go over all the conversations and experiences we had. As we listened to people at the show, it really lit a fire under our booty’s to do better. To do better as a person. To do better as a content creator. To do better at using our platform for good. Over the next few weeks we hope to share with you what are plans are moving forward.

But, of course our goal for attending the Show was to represent J&G Security in the best way possible, but our personal goal was to showcase a GREAT company that offers great jobs. Gate Guarding is probably the best way we found to make the funds necessary to not only pay our monthly bills but to increase our savings so we can travel more than we ever thought we could. How great would it be to work 6 months to travel 6 months out of the year? If you don’t have the extra travel funds right now this may be a great opportunity for you to get on the road. OR are you wanting to upgrade your rig and it would be nice to have the extra money to pay it off sooner? OR do you just want the extra money as a cushion because you are planning a big trip that you could use more disposable income? If you answered yes to one or all of the above questions, I’d look into Gate Guarding.

We have a playlist. Gate Guarding, on our It’s A Good Life RV YouTube Channel to give you an inside look. We are very open and transparent about the job, what it takes to do the job. Our most current videos are gates that we are working with J&G Security. To be honest, Ed and I can’t understand why it took us so long to sign with J&G. The company is one that really cares for their staff and guards. They really set you up for success.

If you have any questions for Ed or I about Gate Guarding or other jobs we’ve done while living on the road please feel free to contact us at OR J&G Security questions please contact Jessica at

Thanks! Dora & Ed

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