Some Really Dumb Things 1

Ok here it is. It’s time we acknowledge RVers – even smart ones like you and me – do some really dumb things. “I never do anything dumb,” or “I do lots of dumb things,” are the typical responses I get when I ask the question, “What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done while RVing?” Most often with further probing, RVers confess, “Well, there was this one thing …” and out comes a tale.

Here’s some of the dumb things, rated from “Dumb” to “Dumbest,” that RVers have reported, some with further probing. As always, dumber mishaps are more traumatic and costly, which is why you definitely don’t want to make them yourself. So, read on, learn from the mistakes of others, and save yourself some serious grief and cash! Todays blog is about… FREE BEACH CAMPING.

Camping for free with a view of the ocean can be amazing but… Just imagine yourself driving on the beach for about 10 minutes when you notice a little cove that might be a good spot to tuck in for the night. As you approach, you decide to stop and check it out. Unfortunately, when you got back in to move farther into the cove, your rear tires dug into the sand. The more the tires spun, the deeper you sink, until you were up to the rear axle. Without a shovel, you use a leveling board to scrape the sand away in front of the rear tires. No luck … you now are firmly stuck below the high-water line, about two hours away from the ocean filling the inside of your RV. Do you panic and run for help? Would you ever look at beach camping again?

Well the learning lesson here… consider the type of beach and that high tides and sneaky waves could put a damper on your RV experience. Next week will be another “Dumb Thing”.

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