Really Dumb Things Part 3

Gray Tanks on Full Hook-Ups: Leave Open?

As RVers, there are so many different opinions on if you should leave your Gray Tanks open while you are at a full-hook up site. Well to be honest, we leave ours open for convenience. Not to worry about the washing machine filling up one of our tanks and it backflowing. But we leave them open until a day or two before we plan to dump our black tank. This allows us to dump our black tank and then use the soapy gray water to rinse the sewer hose.

Your kitchen gray tank needs a good flush now and then too. Food particles from washing dishes can collect in the bottom of your gray tank. It’s essential to fill up your gray tank regularly to flush it out. You don’t want rotting food particles sitting in your gray tank. That can lead to smells that could even compete with black tank odors. We suggest adding this cleaner to your list of items of must haves. This cleaner states that it is specifically for your Black Tank but we use it for all our tanks to keep them fresh. Tank Cleaner by Unique. We are not sponsored by the company. We just love their products for all of our tanks.

Tip: If you’re going to leave your gray tanks open, create a “U” shape, like the picture below, with your sewer hose and ensure some water gets in there. This prevents any smell or sewer flies from being able to enter your system.

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