Take Your RV To The Next Level!

Today’s video showcases how to enhance your RV experience with upgrades and modifications to take it to the next level. From simple tweaks to more advanced modifications, this video covers a variety of options to improve your RV’s functionality and comfort while on the road. Just be sure to do your research and consult with professionals to ensure the modifications are safe and within legal guidelines.

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Enjoy Your Weekend!

Ed, Dora, Mason & Missy

It’s A Bit Shocking – Lightening Strikes

In the event of a lightning strike on the job site, it’s important to have a stand down procedure in place to ensure the safety of all workers. Here are some steps that they consider:
The safety officer on each location is responsible for monitoring weather conditions and determining when it’s necessary to initiate the stand down procedure.
When lightning is detected within 10 miles of the job site, the safety officer will notify staff to alert all workers to stop work immediately and seek shelter indoors.
All workers will be instructed to remain in their vehicle and remain on-site during this time.
Once the storm has passed and it’s deemed safe to resume work, the safety officer will give the all-clear signal.

Remember, safety should always be the top priority on a job site, and having a stand down procedure for lightning strikes can help ensure that everyone stays safe in the event of an unexpected storm. Well…do the procedures on paper really work? Are the procedures inforced?

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Ed, Dora, Mason & Missy

Juggling Solar Farm Work and Personal Repairs

Juggling solar farm gate guard work and personal repairs can be a challenging balancing act, but with proper planning and prioritization, it is possible to manage both effectively. By creating a schedule for ourselves, prioritizing tasks you too can maintain a healthy work-life balance even though we are required to be on-site 24/7.

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Ed, Dora, Mason & Missy

Is Working a Renewable Gate For Us?

Ed and I value transparency and honesty. When it comes to the jobs we do to earn our income and share with you, we want to be very upfront and honest. We strive to provide clear and accurate information about all of the job opportunities, including the required qualifications, responsibilities, and compensation. In this video we are only into our 2nd week on this solar farm gate and we are wondering if this is a good fit for us OR if it may work for you.

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Ed, Dora, Mason & Missy

Moving To A Renewable Job

Working security on a solar farm involves monitoring the premises, performing regular patrols, and ensuring the safety of the equipment and personnel. This includes managing access control and notifying police any potential security breaches. It is important to be vigilant and proactive in identifying and addressing any security risks to keep the solar farm operating smoothly and safely.

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Ed, Dora, Mason & Missy

A New Normal: Adjusting to Life After Quartzsite

A New Normal:

It’s been a few months since we returned from our trip to Quartzsite, and life has definitely changed since then. We’ve all had to adjust to the new normal, and it’s been a crazy transition. But, with some creativity and effort, we’ve been able to make the most of our new reality. For starters, we’ve had to get used to working a frac gate and…..not to mention a few other adventures that is coming your way. It’s definitely been an adjustment, but Ed and I are doing our part to keep our positive head in place and get working to pay for some projects for the near future. Overall, its been a change for us but we would change this #rvlifestyle for anything.

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Ed, Dora, Mason & Missy

Gate Guarding While Doing a RV Remodel

While we are gate guarding it sure can be a time to make good money but also get some projects completed on our RV. As we Gate Guarding while a rig was on site, we have some down time so we can get some more of OUR projects done with the RV. But…as the drilling rig moves out and as coil tubing moves in, our spare time is quickly coming to an end. Make sure you go back and check out this video. Click on the picture and it will direct you to our video on our YouTube Video.

What is 1 way we find jobs while living on the road?

As you may know, we have been living Full-Time in our RV since 2009. When we decided to get rid of our Sticks n’Bricks, we started looking for more “OUT OF THE BOX” ways for us to make the income necessary to live a comfortable RVlifestyle. When we took our 1st camphost job in Tybee Island GA., I was able to do the job while Ed stayed in Iowa for a month to finish up his job then he joined me. This particular job was WORK FOR SITE only which worked great for the season. But after the 1st season there I started a Sales Job that I worked at a physical location during the summer. Once we headed south again, I was able to take that job with and work remotely. But after that year I found that the Sales Job was not something she wanted to do long term. So we began searching for all the options out there. We had NO idea how many different options were out there.

1 of the ways we look for opportunities are by subscribing to a FREE NEWSLETTER at, Workers On Wheels. New postings come right into your email on a weekly basis. There are volunteers positions to fully paid positions so it will fit everyone’s needs. On Workers On Wheels they also have services that allow you to post your resume for employers to see for a very low cost of $5.00 for 30 days OR if your an employer, you can post job openings for as little as $1.00 per day/minimum 30days.

As you would for any job, do your research before you accept the job. And if you are not able to make it to the job for any reason, and you’ve accepted the position, please be courteous and let them know so they can find a replacement.

The summer season has just begun so Ed and I hope as you get started on your new ventures, you have an enjoyable time living on the road, making money and making long lasting friendships.

Dora & Ed

10 Things we wish we knew before RVing

Full time RVing certainly has its challenges. Read these can’t miss tips.

1. You don’t need the biggest rig. Don’t wait. It does not matter what size your RV is. Just get out there and start enjoying this great county.

2. You don’t need half of what you think you do. Oh boy do I know this. When it comes to clothing I sure went overboard. As if your living in a home, if you don’t wear it OR use it, you don’t need it.

3. You’ll learn how to clean. You’ll have to clean multiple times a day from washing the dishes and wiping off the countertops to sweeping the floor and tidying up the trash. If you like us, we tend to feel a bit claustrophobic when things get cluttered or if there is dishes in the sink.

4. When Google Maps says you’re 3 hours and 45 minutes away, it’s probably more like 5 hours. Google gives you drive time for your car. It takes longer drive time in your RV and you may be stopping more often for fuel.

5. Something will always be broken or in need of repair. While your RV is going down the road it is a mini earthquake. Things will break. It can be as simple as a light bulb or it can be as big as our brake failure this past summer. But try to keep a positive attitude.

6. It’s good to take your time. As you get on the road, try not to rush from point A to point B. Take your time and look around. You’d be surprised what you could have missed if your rushing.

7. Take advantage of RV rewards and discount programs. I wont go into the names of programs but do your homework because 1 night at discounted rv park could have paid for the program. Example: we stayed at a RV park that normally charges $85 per night. With our discount program we paid $20. AND the program itself was only $35 to purchase for a year.

8. Not all Walmarts are created equal. Many Walmarts do not allow overnight parking. Either a city ordinance does not allow it or it has been abused. Now many Cracker Barrels allow over night parking, rest areas or truck stops. If you have question if its allowed or safe, call the business directly.

9. You can’t find your favorite food just anywhere. Your favorite food items may be regional defendant. IE: hamloaf. It seems to be an Iowa thing because we can not find it in every state.

10. RVers are the most helpful people around. As you pull into a RV park or just driving down the road, if you have problems, the people we’ve encountered have been fabulous. They lend a hand if needed or make suggestions of where we can get help.

What things would you add to the list?

Living in a RV during Winter – No Running Water – The Generator Died

As full-time RVers & gate guards in Texas, we work in remote locations and run off a diesel generator, use a portable freshwater tank and an external tank to dump our tanks into.  Well, the Polar Vortex hit the state of Texas hard.  Parts have seen snow & freezing rain that have not seen this type of weather for years.  Since this is not a normal occurrence in Texas, many people and companies have been caught off guard.  The rolling black outs, water in cities shut off trying to conserve so that everyone can have access to the items we just take for granted.  When I wake up in the morning I like to jump right into the shower. 

Well…with the Polar Vortex took that luxury (?) away from Ed and me.  Our water, we hope, is frozen at our portable freshwater tank and we have not split pipes inside our RV.  We initially did the “water circulation” method that had been recommended to us.  Ed found the water had stopped so when investigating he found a piece in our freshwater connection had broken causing the water not to circulate.  Well yes, the part was broken however after Ed did the repair, thinking we were good, the water froze in the hoses.  The “water circulation” method did not work.  Possibly it would have if the temps had not dropped so severely.  But then we decided to fill our fresh tank and run off our RV fresh tank until the temps warmed up.  Approximately every 30 minutes we would run our water to keep things moving inside the RV hoping not to freeze the pipes.  Well, when doing that, I think, well we hope, that our RV freshwater tank ran out.  Our gauge reads empty, so we are hoping and praying that it is true and that the cold temps have not turned our tank into a block of ice. 

Ed removed the plug from the freshwater tank, drained our hot water heater and opened all faucets to remove any excess water in the lines.  We are hoping once the outside temps get above freezing, we will find the external freshwater tank was the issue & our pipes and tanks are fine.

It is interesting and challenging BUT what has come out of this situation so far, Ed said; oh, heck now, I know we can boondock.  Gotta love him.  Now warm up so we can go boondock on a warm beach.

At our second day, during my shift, I woke Ed up early because our commercial generator, that is provided by the company we are working with, started surging.  Since we grew up in Iowa, we knew what the cold weather does to diesel if not a winter blend and/or anti-gel put into the fuel.  Yep yep our generator was gelling up and shut down.  We thought our company support man had put anti-gel in the fuel, but he had not.  Our support came from Fort Worth, which is approximately a 3-hour drive but considering the road conditions it took him a few more hours to arrive.  During that time Ed was able to get our personal generator running so we could run the furnace and portable heaters. Our support arrived with anti-gel and additional fuel filters.  Thankfully, it did not take our support and Ed long to get it running again.  Cross our fingers as I type this, the generator is running fine and we are warm. 

After I (Dora) got 4 hours of sleep, we got permission from the site supervisor to leave our gate unsupervised, go to town to refill our propane tanks and find a truck stop to shower.  The 2nd day of no shower sure makes a person feel yucky.  It was difficult to find propane as many companies were out.  Luckily, we found one place that had not run out yet.  As Ed states in the video, we believe they changed an outrageous amount, but he had us.  We needed propane.

Once our propane tanks were filled, we decided to go to Walmart to get more gallons of water.  Boy oh boy were we shocked when the shelves were empty.  They had flavored waters but who wants flavored water to use to flush with or in your coffee.  We left empty handed but felt ok because we can use a bucket to get water to fill gallon containers out of our external freshwater tank.

After leaving Walmart empty handed, we sat in the parking lot calling several hotels to see if we could rent a room OR if a pool area had a shower so we could get cleaned up.  That too was a bust.  The cheapest shower was going to be $120 because we had to rent a room.  Well, my budget, or anyone’s budget, should not allow a $120.00 shower.  We started calling campgrounds to see if we could pay them for 2 showers.  Our first call was met with a genuinely nice southern woman.  We explained our situation and she said, oh yes dear, the showers need renovated yet but your more than welcome to stop in and get your showers at no cost.  Yes, they were not the best condition, but the water was HOT.  Ed and I both felt like a million bucks.  A big shout out to Miss Ellie’s RV Park in Waskom, TX!

During our drive back to the job site we enjoy some beautiful scenery AND a few deer.  The ride back was wonderful.  I guess a good shower can give you a new lease of life.  #itsagoodliferv  Since this video is in real time.  I guess we will see how much longer before the crew gets back to work and we have running water.