Do Rocks Really Glow?

Yep that is true. It is NOT click bait. We found Glowing Rocks in today’s video!

Yooperlites, as the name suggests, are found in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, specifically along the Lake Superior coast. When looking up what exactly a Yooperlite was, we found that Yooperlites release anger and negative thoughts and helps fight your fears and phobias.

Can you find Yooperlites during the day?

A yooperlite is not just any type of rock; it is the coolest rock you will ever see in your life. During the day, you might stumble into this during one of your metal detecting sessions and think nothing of it. In daylight, they look like thousands of other rocks along the shoreline. But when night falls, with the use of of UV light, that is when you will truly appreciate and admire this piece of “gem”.

How do you hunt for Yooperlites?

From sunset thru the night is the best time to locate Yooperlites. While walking along, hold the light up in a position where you’re not shining it directly down at the beach. Go slow – your eyes will have more time to scan the area if you go slowly.