Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine

Great Tour & Experience

The Mollie Kathleen Mine tour was a fantastic experience. It was entertaining and educational. The tour guide was funny and knowledgeable. She was able to answer all of our questions.

The tour was 1 hour long. We descended 1000 feet underground into the mine shaft. We were crammed into a tiny cart for the descent. Once we exited the cart, the mine itself was very roomy. Along the tour, the guide not only explained how mining progresses but she also was able to demonstrate how different equipment and techniques were used. This part was loud. Cover you ears! In the middle of the tour we rode a short tram. At the end of the tour the guide gave us a history lesson about mining in the area.

Overall, I highly recommend this for anyone. We paid $25 per adult and believe it’s well worth it.

The ground can be slippery. Wear good shoes.
The temperature underground is very cool so bring a light jacket.
The equipment demonstrated is very loud so bring ear protection it you have sensitive ears.
They provide hard hats at the beginning of the tour.

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