How Do You Get Your Mail on the Road?

One of the many challenges that face full time travelers and RVers is figuring out how to get mail on the road. We’ve had our fair share of issues with receiving mail and packages on the road but in this post we share a list of ways to receive mail and packages.

General Delivery through the U.S. Postal Service; they offer general delivery for those who need a temporary mailing address to receive mail. You will need to check the location by visiting the USPS website or calling the location in the area you need to have mail sent. Not all Post Offices accept general delivery.

Are you or will you be visiting a friend or relative on the road? Ask for permission to send your mail to their address. Use C/O in the address to avoid delays or issues with your mail.

Sign up with a Mail Service. There are several available and we’ve seen good & bad reviews about many of them. What we can tell you is the company we use and our experiences. We have been using Traveling Mailbox for several months now. One of the reasons we choose Traveling Mailbox is that we didn’t have to change our domicile address. We can have our mail forwarded to their facility. Then you have complete control over your mail. They scan every envelope, and you tell them what to do! You can have them trash it if you know based on the front envelope that it is junk mail. Open & scan the mail OR have it forwarded to your current location.

Send mail to your Campground, RV parks, and even hotels may receive mail on your behalf. Be sure to ask for and use the correct address for this type of mail. Some business have a different mailing address for guest mail OR will not accept it for you.

Did you know packages sent FedEx or UPS can be redirected to a store location for pickup? Visit their website for more information on package redirect options.

Use a Amazon locker. It is a easy and convenient way to pick up your Amazon order. When placing an order online, see if that item is available through Amazon. This will give you the option to pick up at an Amazon locker, avoiding the hassle of trying to figure out an address for the delivery.

Choose In-Store Pickup. Easy pickup and returns. Large chain stores such as Walmart are located throughout the United States making it a convenient option for ordering items online for in-store pickup.

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