Hindsight is 2020

Who could have ever imagined that at the beginning of 2020, we would be rethinking the phrase “hindsight is 2020”? Seriously, this past year has been some of the scariest and strangest times of our lives, that I’m beginning to believe our hindsight may need a new pair of glasses.

Although the world has seen it’s fair share of tragedy, anxiety, and utter strangeness, it has also produced some great memories. As we were laid off from a job we so enjoyed, it made us appreciate what we had. To take the time to go see & visit the things we had planned on down the road. Nothing was holding us back. This is also when we decided to share our journey with others and start our channel.

In retrospect, 2020 was a great year because of its challenges. Challenges give us the opportunity to adapt; to become stronger; to learn and grow as individuals and as a country. 2020 challenged us as a couple but we emerged from challenges stronger than ever before. I’m so excited for what we’ll do together in 2021.

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