10 Cheap Hacks for the RVer

Organize your RV and safely travel with these must-know ideas for using dollar store items.

dish dry bag and fruit & vegetable bag storage
HACK 1: MESS BAGS So, you did the environmentally-responsible thing and brought your own plates and cookware. Great! But, what happens when you need to wash and dry these items? Toss them in a mesh bag hung from a tree branch, and, voila, dry dishes. OR you can use the bag to hang your fruit & veggies to keep them off your countertop.
pool noodles for knife blade covers and slide covers
HACK 2: POOL NOODLES Cover up hazardous knife blades with a foam pool noodle. OR cut a long slit into one and install it on your slide bottoms so you don’t require stitches on the top of your head from hitting it.
glow bracelets for awning stake for night time safety
HACK 3: GLOW BRACELETS Add glow bracelets to your tent or awning stake for night time safety. Tripping over them isn’t. Pick up some cheap glow-in-the-dark bracelets and string them along the stakes to prevent faceplants when the sun sets.
dry erase board for messages
HACK 4: DRY ERASE BOARD What are we doing today? What’s our campsite number? Who is going fishing? Grocery list? Answer all of these questions and more by using a small dry-erase board as a campsite message board. This comes in handy, particularly with large groups.
shower cap food cover
HACK 5: SHOWER CAP = FOOD COVER Pesky bugs can ruin a camping vibe if you let them. So, don’t let them! Keep the good vibes going by using a shower cap to protect food from flies.
soap or hand sanitizer holder
HACK 6: LANYARD = SOAP OR SANITIZER HOLDER Whether your campsite has an enclosed shower or not, chances are shelf-space will be limited (or non-existent). Be prepared with this hands-free hack of hanging travel-size soap bottles on a lanyard. And in todays world, using this hack for hand sanitizer is a no brainer.
Petroleum jelly with a cotton ball will make a great fire starter.
HACK 7: COTTON BALL + PETROLEUM JELLY = FIRE STARTER When you need a fire fast, this petroleum jelly hack will do the trick. Simply coat a cotton ball in the jelly and light it under a pile of brush. 🔥
pill container used for spice holder
HACK 8: PILL CONTAINER = SPICE HOLDER Can’t decide which spices to bring? Bring them all! Just pour your seven favorite spices into a daily pill organizer and leave those awkward bottles at home. When you’re camping, saving space is everything.
tubs to keep your drawers organized
HACK 9: PLASTIC TUBS Keep your drawers organized and your items handy when using small tubs. You can use them in the kitchen, bathroom & bedroom.
canned food organizer
HACK 10: CANNED GOOD PYRAMID DISPENSER. Utilize the space in your pantry cupboards and keep them organized.

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