How To Make Money While Living On The Road – (Gate Guarding)

What is a Gate Guard and How do we get started?

A Gate Guard guards or is stationed at a entrance of a oilfield location, warehouse, or other property to control traffic to and from the grounds. Depending on each job site requirement, you may sign & sign out approved employees using paper logs or a iPad, possibly taking payload pictures and/or truck pictures during the sign in process, take temperatures with a device provided, directing traffic and insure people entering the property have proper PPE’s. OR other duties as assigned. The reason I say that is many of the sites are on private property and owners have their own requirements.

Many RVers have found that working as a gate guard at oil field sites is another way to earn extra money. If you are placed on site, companies provide generator, water and sewer on a mobile trailer. It sure helps save money on living costs. If you are working out of a guard office, you may be required to stay in a campground and pay for your site. Each location/job will be different based on the oil company or company mans requirements. When being contacted about a particular gate, ask several questions so you know what your getting into. 1. RV on site or in a campground 2.Who pays for the campground fees 3. What are the job duties 4. What attire is required 5.How far is it to a large town or city for groceries etc. 6.Who is your contact person within the guard company AND the job site. 7. Gate location on dirt, gravel or paved road. What we are saying is be informed and you will not have any unwanted surprises.

How do you get licensed?

In the State of Texas you need to get certified to be an “noncommissioned security guard”, to work as a unarmed security guard (Gate Guard). All security professionals must be at least 18 years old.  And CANNOT have a felony on a your record.

To start, you need to go online to the Texas Online Private Security Page, TOPS, and start your individual application. Once you enter your personal information it will ask you for business information. This is where IF you are affiliated with a gate guard company you would include their information. If you are NOT affiliated with company, you leave it blank.

Next you will be asked a series of questions regarding your background. This is NOT a background check. They will do one at a later date including a set of fingerprints. Make sure to double check your entries before submitting your application. You will be asked for payment for license. What’s next? IF you are working with a gate guard company, you will need to contact them that you have submitted the initial application. Check your email in case additional information is needed. You can check your status of your individual application after submitting by logging into TOPS.

Applicants must have fingerprint-based FBI background checks.  All security professionals must be at least 18 years old.  A fingerprint fee is to be submitted with the application. The fingerprints themselves are submitted electronically, using Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas (FAST) and a approved provider. If fingerprints are made prior to application, the you will include a copy of his or her FAST receipt.

Training must be completed through an approved school or instructor. You will need to score satisfactorily on a test. The licensing agency will need a copy of applicable training certificates.

Now, with all that said, IF you are working directly with a Gate Guard Company, they will help you through all the steps because you are also required to have a ‘sponsor’ on your license. (Gate Guard Company)

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