Jamaica Beach & Our Favorite Restaurants

Jamaica Beach TX is approximately 13 miles west of Galveston. There are no lifeguards on duty, so children should be supervised at all time. The City does not allow glass on the beach or fires. The beach has a public access beach, with free parking.  When we were visiting, off season, there were several people driving & parking on the beach. However when researching it, the city does have an ordinance prohibiting the operations during certain days and/or months. The information listed below is directly from the City of Jamaica Beach website.

The speed limit on the beach is 10mph. Beginning the 2nd Saturday of March, through the Tuesday after Labor Day, designated area sof the beach are closed to vehicular traffice – from 12:01am each Saturday until 6pm each Sunday. The public beach is the area of sand from the vegetation line to the water’s edge. They ask you respect areas north of the vegetation line because its private property.

Our No.1 Pick Dorado’s Dive Club, Surfside Beach TX

Our 1st pick for restaurants is Dorado’s Dive Club in Surfside Beach TX. Its about a 35 minute drive from Jamaica Beach but totally worth it. They have a outdoor dining space but it was closed due to weather. Oysters on half shell were very fresh. I had fish tacos. Very good and reasonable price. The atmosphere, service and food was awesome!

Our No.2 pick is Katie’s Seafood Restaurant in Galveston TX. They have a very nice outside deck to eat on however when we were there it was too cold for us. But, eating inside in the dining room was just as good experience. Ed and I shared oysters on the 1/2 shell for an appetizer. Ed’s first oyster was a huge hit and he had a kick butt burger & seasoned fries. Me, well I had fish tacos! Soooo delicious.

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