Rving with Pets – Essential Products – Safety

If you are thinking about bringing your four legged friends with you on your RV trip, you need to take your pets safety under consideration.  Rving with pets is so much fun, but there are some pet safety tips you should be aware of and some dog RV accessories you need to purchase before your trip!

4 Safety Tips You Need To Know About

RVing with pets is a really fun way to travel.  We can have our beautiful furry friends with us at all times, both of our dogs love it.  We have met lots of people who have been RVing with their dogs for years, we have even met some who RV with three or more dogs!!

Before you start packing for your next RV trip, here are some RV pet safety tips you need to know!

  1. What Is The Best RV For Your Pets?  There is no way to tell what the best RV is for RVing with dogs!  What you can do is to consider your pets when you are buying your RV.  When you purchase a RV, can you pet get on the bed as it is raised storage space?  There may be room for you pet on the floor but your pet can not relax because he/she is jumpy trying to avoid getting stepped on.  So next time your looking at a new RV, take your pets needs into consideration.  We’re not saying that you need to buy the RV just for your pet, but if your going to be RVing with pets, you should keep them in mind when making your purchase.  So – – when you are getting ready to purchase an RV, make sure it fits everyone that will be traveling with you – pets included!
  2. Keep Their Information Up To Date We have been traveling for over ten years and honestly I don’t ever remember a time when we were asked for Mason or Missy’s information. We have also know many, many people RVing with dogs and have very seldom heard of parks checking paperwork, but just to be safe… I keep a folder of all her information such as her vaccination records, proof of ownership (you just never know).  I keep it in a handy storage space so if I never need it, it’s within easy access.
  3. Keeping Your Pets Safe While Driving I’ll be honest, Missy gets a little anxious on travel day.  I don’t think she loves travel days, but she does love the fact that she is with everyone in the truck.  She lays on the front console between our seats.  And Mason lays comfortably in the backseat on a bed of pillows. However, this can be a bad thing.  If we were to get into an accident both Mason & Missy would be thrown throughout our truck.  It became obvious to us we needed to find a pet harness that would keep them safe.  We found one that does not full restrict them but keeps them much safer.  BUT if your pet is already crate trained, we highly suggest keeping your pet in a crate while traveling. 
  4. Leaving Your Pets in an RV This is the most asked questions when people are considering RVing with dogs!  “Can you leave the dog in the RV?”.  The answer is YES, however there are certain things you need to consider! We try to take Mason & Missy with us as much as possible. But RVing with dogs has it’s own set of difficulties and there are times when we just can’t take them where we are going.  Most National Parks for instance don’t allow dogs along. Neither do beaches, and certain hikes we know are going to be too long or difficult for their little legs.  As full-time RVers, we’ve had times that having ‘normal’ jobs they’ve had to stay home. When we are away we set the thermostat in the RV so both Mason & Missy are comfortable.  However, if the electricity would be lost for any reason the RV may heat up or because extremely cold.  So we recommend a remote temperature sensor to ensure your pet stay safe.   When you decide to start RVing with pets, RV pet safety is essential.  Don’t leave pets in a RV without food, water or the proper temperature.  Make sure they are safe before you depart the RV.

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