WE ARE DONE! – Our Top 5 RV Must Haves


As gate guards, while living in our RV full-time, we just never know what’s in store for us. Thankfully we work with a great gate guard company that allows us to stay in their yard until another position opens up. AND, don’t trust the pins that are given to you for new locations. LOL We have had good luck previously but this one. Nope nope. Thankfully one of the company service techs came to our rescue.

Our Top 5 RV Must Haves

Water Filter: Access to clean, fresh water is an essential part of any RV adventure, whether your destination is a local campground or a remote, off-the-grid exploration. Your travels shouldn’t be accompanied by dirty tasting tap water and cloudy showers. From nasty grit and debris to potentially dangerous bacteria, there are plenty of contaminants that can ruin your campground experience. Luckily, there are a wide array of RV water filters on the market that will keep your water clear and safe and help prolong the life of your RV’s equipment and internal plumbing. Installing a water filter eliminates the need for expensive and wasteful bottled water cases and provides you both peace of mind and refreshing clean water.

Surge Protector:  A surge protector is designed to protect your RV’s electronics from issues that stem from the outlet you plug into. An outlet that seems fine could suddenly provide a huge surge of electricity, like in the event of a lightning strike.  A surge protector will shut down any current before it wreaks havoc on your RV’s electrical system OR it will sacrifice itself to protect the RV.  We have a Progressive 50-amp external surge protector.  We have had this brand/type since we have been RVing.  Our last surge protector sacrificed itself during an electrical surge.  We called Progressive and they sent us a new one at no charge. 

Extra Sewer Dump Value:  Twist on waste value that eliminates the messy poop disaster at dumping.  If your interior values leak or stick open, you can add this to prevent the unwanted surprise.  Simply attach the twist-on valve to the broken valve and open the handle of the broken valve for a quick fix. Valve rotates to most convenient location. 

Good Sewer Hose:  Having the best camper sewer hose is essential.  It is also a sometimes anxiety-inducing chore for the fear of doing it wrong or of something GOING wrong.  Ask pretty much any experienced RVer if they have an RV sewer hose hookup horror story, and you can just about guarantee that they have one.  This is the perfect reason to have a high-quality RV sewer hose.    We use RhinoFlex and have been incredibly happy with the quality.

Sewer Hose Storage:  Storing your stinky slinky is one item you must have a special storage area.  You do not want to throw your used hose into the RV.  If you do not have bumper storage, you can complete a DYI project OR you can now purchase them.  If you are looking to spend the least amount of money possible, you can custom build a tube for yourself using PVC fence post or square tube hose carrier.  Ed has installed the tube right next to our sewer outlets.  Check out our video about the install.

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