RV Security Lights

RV Security lights are found on many trailers and motorhomes.  Essentially, they are just a white-lensed exterior light that is mounted up high on both sides of the unit.  They are also referred to as “Scare Lights”.  They create very bright lighting around the outside of your camper to hopefully ward off intruders.

They also provide some useful benefits apart from the “scare thing.”  Their elevated light position serves as great lighting for after-dark patio activities in camp.  They are also great for lighting both sides of the RV during your walk outside when your pet just has to go out.  Some people even use them as a signal while in a campground.  If the light is on, we are up.  You are welcome to drop in.

These lights are a relatively low priced option on a new unit or can be purchased as an aftermarket add-on.  They are fairly easy to install on any RV.

A great upgrade would be to replace the light bulb with a compatible L.E.D. lamp.  This would substantially reduce the power drain and would probably last nearly the lifetime of the vehicle.

There is an additional option that is sold for these lights that perhaps better supports the security aspect.  That is a motion sensor.  This will trigger the lamp to light when someone approaches.  The automatic illumination requires that the 12 volt power be on, arming the light fixture.  Turning the power off disables the light while travelling or when not wanting the light to operate.

I guess the term “Scare Light” came from it scaring away an intruder in the dark with the sudden illumination.  I think the automatic light function would be far more effective for this application.

So, relax, turn on your “Scare Light” and enjoy.

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