Be Thankful…

Today’s post is about being thankful. As full-time RVers you really need to be prepared with whatever life throws at you. Since our home gets pulled down the bumpy roads Well we try to ‘roll with it’ on every travel day. Well this one was a bit of a shocker and then very thankful for what didn’t happen but also who we found.

Trying to keep our story short I’ll highlight what happened to us during our last travel days. To begin our 1st travel day Ed had noticed that hooking up the RV to the truck things were a bit different but he didn’t put much thought into it because the RV was at a strange angel. We started down the road, actually 4 hours into the trip, and we noticed the clearance between the RV and the truck bed was minimized. We took a lot at the hitch and noticed the hitch had dropped so we unhook the truck and began the fix. We thought.

After spending an hour repositioning the hitch to the original location we headed down the road. Within an hour we arrived at our overnight location and quickly noticed the hitch had fallen again causing clearance issues. That’s when we knew we may have a bigger issue. We got a flashlight out and began looking around and that’s when we found the issue. The hitch on the RV had several cracks and it had began pulling away from the frame of the RV. A bit of panic sat in because we quickly knew we could have lost everything. Then I took a deep breathe and began searching for Mobile Welding Services. As luck would have it, there was a business not far from us, but it was after hours, so we just settled in for the night hoping to get someone out the next day.

Fast forward to the next day, we got the call that someone could be out after their 1st morning appointment. Honestly, we figured they would be an hour to 2 hours later than what the appointment time was set for. So, we did our morning routine and began getting some work done inside the RV while we waited.

Then Ed got the call that they were on the way to us. 2 guys showed up on time, actually early, very professional and knowledgeable . They went right to work and never stopped until the project was done . Beautiful welds great craftsmanship the man is a true professional and takes pride in his work . We would definitely use them again. If you are ever in the area and need some work done please give ARC-PRO PROFESSIONAL WELDING SERVICE LLC. a call and tell them Dora & Ed sent you.

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